Product Handling and Conveyor Technique

The product handling systems are an ideal addition to the extensive machine program offered by Econo-Pak. Manufacturing own conveyor techniques enables Econo-Pak to design customized machines and equipment. All machine parts are constructed and manufactured on site by Econo-Pak. Due to our experience of many years we are able to provide you with complete plant solutions. We also like to take over the projecting development (e.g. technical advice, clarification of interfaces, layout design etc.). Since the installation and performance tests of the machine are carried out in Flonheim, a fast and efficient commissioning of the machinery at the customer’s premises can be ensured.

Product Range

  • Loading units with 4- or 6-axle ABB robots
  • Palletizing by robot
  • Line distributor
  • Line merger
  • Servo-controlled dynamic infeed devices
  • Pneumatically controlled infeed devices
  • Flap layer
  • Servo-controlled star layer
  • Sinkable or running hopper systems
  • Belt conveyor
  • Flat top chain conveyor and link chain conveyor
  • Roundbelt conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Roller tracks
  • Forced draught unit
  • Turning stations
  • Stacking units and product grouping
  • Pushing devices
  • Open flap control