Carton Closer


Packaging Machine to automatically close filled, formed cartons

The ECONO-PAK closer handles filled boxes which are made of coated or uncoated carton or corrugated paper in different qualities. The carton boxes are closed by means of hot glue or hot air. After a technical consultation it will be decided whether our standard machines meet the customer‘s requirements. There is a choice of different closing machines: one-flap, straight-line, angle or high-speed closer. Special customer requests are considered in the construction.

Available in different types

  • GVE Straight-Line Closer
  • GVM Straight-Line Closer Lugless
  • EV Single-Flap Closer
  • HV High-Speed Closer
  • WVE Angle Closer


  • Customized solution
  • Quick format change
  • Easy accessibility
  • Wash-down