Carton Erector


Packaging Machine for automated forming of paperboard blanks in different designs and various types of paperboards

The ECONO-PAK carton erector forms flat carton blanks of various designs and carton qualities into boxes with or without lid. The formed carton box falls through the chute on the downstream conveyor system. The practice-oriented, technical conception of the machine offers high flexibility and variety of application; the machine can be used both as stand-alone machine and as part of a packaging line. The forming of the carton blanks is carried out by customized forming tools which are constructed according to the various carton blank designs.

Available in different types

  • FA Standard Carton Erector
  • FAI Indirect Carton Erector
  • HFA High Speed Carton Erector
  • HFA-S High Speed Carton Erector with Servo

 Tools available

  • Locking tools
  • Hot-air tools
  • Glueing tools
  • Turn-over-end tools
  • Edge-wep tools
  • Special Tools



  • Established machine technology with standard components
  • Consistent, optimal carton image
  • Careful forming of carton
  • High availability
  • Quick change-over times
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Little space required
  • Guaranteed spare-parts availability of parts manufactured by Econo-Pak for 10 years